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IEAI & its Researchers in the Media

Spring/Summer 2021

Social Robots: Opportunities and Challenges with Auxane Boch (IEAI) – Podcast

An insightful conversation with Auxane Boch – Associate Researcher with Institute for Ethics in Artificial Intelligence, Germany and Tanvi Mehta-Educator with Coding and MoreGaming with AI 

How Will Human-Robot-Interaction Look Like in the Future?

Maximilian Geißlinger and Franziska Poszler starred in the documentary “Autonomes Fahren: Wie selbstfahrende Autos bei einem Unfall entscheiden“ at Bayerischer Rundfunk

Winter 2020/2021

How is AI already applied in our day-to-day lives? Joanna Bryson and Christoph Lütge share their views in episode 1 of the British-German Tech Talks podcast series

Unternehmen im Diskurs: „Da haben wir in Deutschland noch Nachholbedarf“

Fall 2020

ZDFinfo, 12.10.2020, Zwischen Wahn und Wahrheit – Die Macht der Verschwörungstheorien

Summer 2020

MKAI July 2020: Using AI For Good, 23.07.2020, The TUM Institute for Ethics in AI and Its Current Initiatives (4th video from the top)

Tilo Bonow, Business Class Live, 15.07.2020, Business Class Live with Prof. Dr. Christoph Lütge about AI and Ethics – Where are the Limits?

Horizons by SAP, 13.07.2020, Doing the Right Thing: Ethical Considerations in the Era of Enterprise Intelligence, 05.07.2020, Vergleichsstudie: Corona-Apps und die Frage der Ethik, 27.06.2020, Ist die Corona-Warn-App nur etwas für Privilegierte?, 23.06.2020, Chinese article on BAAI Conference session on global collaboration to build sustainable AI

BAAI Conference 2020, 22.06.2020, Panel on AI Ethics and Sustainable Development

Horizons by SAP, 15.06.2020, p.27-30, “Doing the Right Thing – Ethical Considerations in the Era of Enterprise Intelligence”

Industrieanzeiger, 2.6.2020, “Sichtbare Vorteile künstlicher Intelligenz”

Spring 2020

AGBC Munich, 30.04.2020, Ethical Opportunities and Challenges of AI in the Health Sector

pro Christliches Medienmagazin, 20.04.2020, Ethiker an Entwicklung der Corona-App beteiligen!

ORF Ö1, Punkt eins, 15.04.2020, Interview with Project PI Prof. Dr. Jürgen Pfeffer: Digitale Schätze oder sensible Daten?

Tagesspiegel, 15.04.2020, KI gegen Corona: Globales Konsortium startet heute

logistik journal, 14.04.2020, Wir müssen uns um die Details kümmern

ORF Ö1, Matrix, 3.4.2020, Interview with Project PI Prof. Dr. Jürgen Pfeffer (amongst others): Kann Big Data Corona killen?

Winter 2019/2020

German Council Magazine, p. 48 GCM 1 / 2020: Jedes Menschenleben ist gleich – das muss die Leitlinie für Programmierer sein

Porsche Newsroom, 07.02.2020, The Conscience of Artificial Intelligence

Zeit Online, 11.12.2019,  Interview – Eine Frage der Ethik

Osram InnovatiON, 06.12.2019, A Machine with Principles

Autumn 2019

Handelsblatt, 07.10.2019 KI-Institut entwickelt Regeln für die Zukunftstechnologie

Süddeutsche Zeitung, 07.10.2019, TUM eröffnet neues Institut

Carnegie Mellon University, 26.09.2019, Tepper Ethics Lunch Series: Christoph Lütge Deconstructs the Ethics of AI

ACM NEWS, 10.11.2019, Making AI Systems Fairer Will Require Time, Guidelines

Data Privacy and Regulation, September 2019,  an Interview with Christoph Lütge

Summer 2019

Times Higher Education: Facebook-funded AI ethics institute faces independence questions

Handelsblatt, 05.06.2019, Ethische Grenzfragen – wenn KI diskriminiert oder Leben gefährdet

Spring 2019

W&V, 18.04.2019, In der Ethikfabrik von Facebook – Bilanz, 17.04.2019, KI in der Autobranche: Aus Freude am Mitfahren

Tagesspiegel, 12.04.2019, Über Ethik-Waschmaschinen und andere Fabelwesen

Uni Passau: 13. internationales For..Net Symposium, 11.&12. April, Presentation by Prof. Dr. Christoph Lütge

Winter 2018/2019

DWIH Tokyo, February 2019, Deutsch-Japanischer Workshop – KI Ethik und autonomes Fahren

Press Releases

TUM to lead AI Future Lab for Earth observation

The new Future Lab, AI4EO, is launching in May 2020 under TUM leadership and will be funded with up to 5 million Euros. In cooperation with the German Aerospace Center (DLR), among others, satellite data and Big Data analyses will be used to create models of global urbanization, food supplies and the management of natural disasters.

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AI and COVID-19: “Short-term decisions can have a long-term impact on our world”

The weapons deployed in the fight against the covid-19 pandemic also include artificial intelligence. AI might be able to recognize patterns in the spread of the disease, for example. These new possibilities raise ethical issues, however.

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TUM convenes advisory board of the Institute for Ethics in AI

Prof. Wolfgang A. Herrmann, President of the Technical University of Munich (TUM), has convened the advisory board for the Institute for Ethics in Artificial Intelligence (IEAI). The Board, made up of six independent and renowned experts from the engineering and social sciences, will among other things be centrally involved in the selection of the institute’s research projects.

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