Q&A Series: Reflections on AI

In 2020, the IEAI established the Q&A Series: Reflections on AI. This series aims to engage with our invited speakers and IEAI affiliates in a more intimate and accessible way. During these monthly installments, the IEAI team has the pleasure of speaking to the experts and posing a set of important AI ethics-related questions.

  • What is the biggest misconception about AI?
  • What is the most important question in AI ethics right now?
  • Who should be in charge or involved in developing ethical frameworks and standards for AI?
  • What is the role of academia, research institutions and other centers when it comes to the ethics and governance of AI?
  • We often say that AI is changing or transforming the world. To what extent is AI changing us as humans?

Read what the experts say.

Mark Findlay

Reflections on AI, November 2021 – Q&A with Mark Findlay

Caitlin Corrigan

Reflections on AI, September 2021 – Q&A with Caitlin Corrigan

John Tasioulas

Reflections on AI, July 2021 – Q&A with John Tasioulas

Samira Samadi

Reflections on AI, June 2021 – Q&A with Samira Samadi

Zuzanna Warso

Reflections on AI, May 2021 – Q&A with Zuzanna Warso

Celina Bottino

Reflections on AI, March 2021 – Q&A with Celina Bottino

Emre Kazim

Reflections on AI, February 2021 – Q&A with Dr. Emre Kazim

Andrea Martin

Reflections on AI, January 2021 – Q&A with Andrea Martin

Stefaan Verhulst

Reflections on AI, December 2020 – Q&A with Stefaan Verhulst

Y-Lan Boureau

Reflections on AI, November 2020 – Q&A with Y-Lan Boureau

Marisa Tschopp

Reflections on AI, October 2020 – Q&A with Marisa Tschopp

Reflections on AI, October 2020 – Q&A with Marisa Tschopp

Christoph Lütge

Reflections on AI, September 2020 – Q&A with Prof. Dr. Christoph Lütge

Jerry Kponyo

Reflections on AI, August 2020 – Q&A with Ing. Dr. Jerry Kponyo

Huw Price

Reflections on AI: Q&A with Huw Price

Reflections on AI, July 2020 – Q&A with Prof. Dr. Huw Price

Clara Neppel

Reflections on AI: Q&A with Clara Neppel

Reflections on AI, June 2020 – Q&A with Dr. Clara Neppel

Joanna Bryson

Reflections on AI May 2020 - Q&A with Prof. Dr. Joanna Bryson

Reflections on AI, May 2020 – Q&A with Prof. Dr. Joanna Bryson