In order to support the effective and safe advancement of AI technologies that will benefit all parts of society, ethical concerns associated with the use of AI need to be adequately addressed. These concerns include, among others, violations of privacy, discrimination and transparency and ensuring human safety.

IEAI’s inter-, multi-, and transdisciplinary research approach seeks to identify these challenges, deliver practical and action-oriented outcomes and develop tangible frameworks, methodologies, and algorithmic tools in order to provide AI developers and practitioners with a set of ethical best practices.

Each research project is led by two principal investigators, one with expertise in the technical sciences and one with expertise in the humanities and social sciences. Faculty members, supported by highly skilled researchers, experts and doctoral students, work closely together towards the development of operational ethical frameworks in the field of AI.

The research clusters listed below represent the current key IEAI research areas. Individual projects are listed within these clusters.

Call for Proposals 2020

The TUM Institute for Ethics in Artificial Intelligence (IEAI) has announced an invitation for multi-disciplinary research proposals that seek to study and design research-based concrete and practical solutions for issues related specifically to ethics and the use of AI to manage pandemics and health-related crises.

Applications are due 1st July 2020. Funding decisions will be made in August 2020.

Click here to see the call for proposals!