Rule of Law, Legitimacy and Effective COVID-19 Control Technologies

While concerns over privacy, impinging bias and data protection violations of mobile applications used in managing the COVID-19 pandemic are prevalent, other issues of authority/legitimacy and sustainability post-pandemic have received little attention.

Expanding on the foundational work of the CAIDG, BIICL and TUM concerning human rights and rule of law implications, this project aims to produce a systematic overview of challenges posed by specific mobile applications that can be continuously updated and accessible to policy makers. A second goal is to build a methodology to assess publicly contentious control technologies against international rule of law standardisation, and human rights obligations, for operational compliance.

Research Output:

Examining Community Disquiet In The Age Of COVID-19

The Rule of Law and COVID-19 related technologies

AI and Data Use: Surveillance Technology and Community Disquiet in the Age of COVID-19

State Authority, Power, Legitimacy and Citizens Trust during COVID-19

Digital Contact Tracing – An examination of uptake in UK and Germany

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Principal Investigators

Applied Partner

Prof. Dr. Christian Djeffal

Prof. Dr. Christian Djeffal, Munich Center for Technology in Society / TUM School of Governance


Professor Mark Findlay, Centre for Artificial Intelligence and Data Governance; Law School

Singapore Management University

Applied Partner

Dr. Julinda Beqiraj, Maurice Wohl Senior Research Fellow in European Law, Bingham Centre for the Rule of Law,

British Institute of International and Comparative Law